“No birds soar too high if he soars with his own wings.” A pet is a companion to your loneliness, a sprightly to your sad tune of life. Apart from getting any animal as a pet, the feathered ones seem to be one of the most lovable and great friends. Birds require the most low-cost maintenance but in return give a joy that makes peace to your mind.

There are various types of pet birds that one can go for. The bird pets can easily become friends with whosoever they stay. The list is endless of having the best pet birds, but here are some of the best choices that are preferred by the buyers.
There are various breeds of Parakeets, but the most popular to date is the Budgerigar or budgie type. These birds are preferred as pets due to their versatile nature of entertaining wherever they stay. Usually, these breeds become more friendly with their pet parents.

These birds do make very low noise and do not cause any kind of harm to the furniture nor do their toys get destroyed too quick. There is another breed of the Parakeets known as the lineolate. These are solid-colored birds and a little less friendly than the above breed.

When provided with proper nutrition and care, these breeds of pet birds can live up to 10-15 years of span. These pet birds require daily care which includes their proper food requirement, and freshwater as the most important ones. Whatever breed of parakeets you bring, make sure you provide them with a large cage to live in.

The pint-sized parrots belong to the cockatoo family. One of the best entertainers as a pet, it becomes too familiar and friendly to their pet-parents. when no-one’s around them, get them any toys and they will be proactive and can keep themselves cheerful playing all through the day.

These breeds wish to get bathed in their water-bowls themselves, so make sure you provide them with a big one. The act of kindness that is exhibited by such a breed is immensely pleasurable. They will play with you as do the animal pets like the cats and dogs do.

Cockatiels do behave greatly as pets, but when you keep no interaction with them; they can become too noisy to handle. These breeds show immense features and when well-trained can utter phrases and mimic any sounds.
These are some of the chirpiest and sing birds that keep you happy and elated all through the day. As pets they love to be kept with the members living in the house. The canaries don’t require other feathered companions to demonstrate their ways of playfulness. Once caged, they require large space to move around and keep themselves active and

They have a very unique feature of understanding and being with humans. They love to be talked to and kept among the humans. The canaries love to feed upon vegetables and commercial pellets. When provided with proper spacing to energize and make themselves active, they showcase their best natures and activities.
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