Bitch is a term that is used to define a female dog. Most of the time it is used as slang against a woman. A woman who is unreasonable, malicious, controlling or dominant. It is one of the most abusive cursed English slang. This term is mostly used to refer to anything too difficult to achieve or get the obsession with. A man uses it against a woman whom he can’t have in his life due to the aggressive nature of the woman. The term is used to offend someone or take out a grudge on someone. There are types of bitches depending upon the various circumstances or behaviour of a woman. Here is a list of some types of bitches.

1.The one who knows she is a bitch: this is one of the most annoying kinds of species. They imply a dual character. According to them they’re the truth chatterers but say it by adding adjectives and specifying themselves to be a bitch. Instead of consoling or sympathizing with situations, they keep their own opinions to sketch the situation.

2. The unaware bitch: this is considered to be one of the most dangerous yet disgusting categories of bitch. These people tend to act as no bitch, but are the real troublemakers of the group. They tend to be the real roots but are the weeds of the group. They try to stay out of problems when they are the real creeps.

3. The funny fool bitch: These categories of people suck your peace when around. They crack a joke and ask if it’s funny enough to ruin your good mood. These bitches talk their dirty senses of humour out and expect to receive praises. They put their bitchy thoughts about the world around them and critic about things that are too invalid. Mastering the art of balancing between humour and fun facts is a hard task to learn. And yet, many fail to do so.

4. The power bitch: They are not the real typo bitches, because the one who is aware of her rights and gets her work done by hook or cook, is often referred to as a bitch. They are very self-aware and conscious about their rights and needs. They have a voice to stand for them at worst. These are called power bitches because they don’t fear to yell out the truth at your face. The savage yet the most powerful ladies, whom society treats as bitch.


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