Corona and Lime

Why Corona and lime together? Corona is a gluten made beer with premium, pale lager which cannot be drunken simply. There are many reasons of why does lemon comes as an uninvited guest with beer.

In most of the cases, its seen that people drink the beer straight from the bottle without using a glass. A lemon slice on the bottle helps in disinfecting it while opening. As initially the manufacturers poured the corona beer directly into unwashed and used bottles.

Thereafter storing the bottles at the store house develop a layer of dust over it. In such conditions, the bartenders need
the use of disinfectant and lemon serves as the one. In many other areas, lemon with the beers is used to kill the microorganisms and bacteria.

The water quality at many places isn’t that good enough to serve directly with the beer, so the lemon having the citrus content serves and solves the purpose of killing the pathogenic microorganisms present in the water. Back in times, brewers used steel cans to serve beer which came out with a metallic taste of the beer.

Addition of a lime piece to enhance the taste prevented the wastage of flavours of the freshly opened cans.
Many bartenders use lemon as a way of increasing their marketing strategy. In order to make things look more exotic and bring beach vibes for the people enjoying at the shores.

At many places, lemon with a corona beer comes in hand due to the demand and expectation of the customers related to it. In order to pleasure one’s imagination of pleasure many bartenders bring with them the lemon piece with the corona beer.
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Corona and Lime
Corona and Lime Corona is a beer with premium pale lager which cannot be drunken simply. Why does lemon come as an uninvited guest with beer?
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