Feisty Pets

Fiesty Pets

When a child is around you, you never know when the silence can turn into violence and when the cute baby can be a mysterious one. The best way to have control over their mood is to hand them with a similar toy that reacts according to their mood. The Feisty Pets are one of the innovative creative toys designed especially for the kids.

The Feisty Pets are a line of plush animals that changes their facial expression once squeezed. The animals are stuffed with various expressions that change from cute to fierce once squeezed.

These are available in all kinds of pets like dogs, cats, monkeys, etc. When pressed behind the ears, the expressional changes from being cute to feisty. An amazing way of entertaining any person of any age group. The innocently latent expressional changes will be a great way to prank on anyone.

These feisty pets need no sorts of batteries or extra necessary electrical circuits to work upon. The Feisty Pets have a pair of buttons hidden inside their head that controls the facial expression. The shocking transformation from cute, pretty to dangerous demonic will leave everyone at loud laughs.

Embrace the change with the feisty pets from a cute one with a happy mood into a demonic face revealing an angry mood. A mood changer is also what you can name it. The revolving expression will surely put a wide smile on your face. If you want to know about the Best Pet Birds click Journals Blog.


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