The life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the easiest type of existence. A golden state of mind arises when you maintain or have a calm mind that reflects its action towards the works you do and of course enlightens the environment around you. Afar from all the negativities, afar from all the materialistic functionalities of the world when one realizes the real meaning of their existence is when they have reached the highest point of their worth realization.

Everyone is so much involved in this rush of the world that we forget the basic rules and meaning of our life. The materialistic world around us has drifted the negativities in everything that surrounds us in such a manner that it nearly becomes difficult to realise the real essence of the real ultimatum of our lives. The control of one’s self over their minds has been so disrupted and also disturbed by the worldly variations that we fail at each challenging levels of our life. The behaviour the other people show towards us, many times breaks out our peace. This is where we prove that we are incapable of handling and looking after ourselves. The more we are attached to the world outside, the more we destroy our peace of mind. We expect things from others and when it remains unfulfilled, we try to blame ourselves for that. this ruins the inner peace and also the confidence we hold in ourselves. Being social beings, we always thrive for peace and love to get from others rather than searching for it in ourselves.

Peace challenges us to thrive against all the odd situations. And when one is overall the odds then he/she is a conqueror of his own will. Attaining the highest point of realization and understanding the most important need and motive of one’s life is what a very handful amount of people have had done yet. Mind is the most precious asset in one’s life. Gaining control over our expectations from others is the hardest things one can do. Whether it’s peace of mind or peace around us, it all begins from the inside. The effort to stay calm and quiet from within will make one stronger and wiser to tackle the immaterial surrounding.

One shall never be in a hurry to wrap and do things at a great pace. Instead, they shall take time to peace their rushing mind and calm it down to reach a better opinion or option which will eventually turn out to be the best option. Attainment of peace of mind will lead to the attainment of the Golden State of Mind.

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