Birds don’t follow a normal pattern of sleep like mammals. They don’t just sleep while sleeping but also do keep the note about the happenings around them. Usually, a bird sleeps with half of its awake.

This technique is known as Unihemispheric slow-wave sleep. This technique helps them stay awake and alert about their surrounding potential predators. The birds have an ability to control the amount of brain that is asleep by how wide it opens or closes its eyes.

Even while sleeping with half of their brain awake, they make the humming sounds to perplex the predators as to they are sleeping. Birds hardly do sleep in nests unless they have babies, or a cold-weather prevails. Small songbirds prefer to sleep making themselves beautifully camouflaged between the bushes.

Sleeping for the bords is all about safety and warmth. Birds like crows, starlings, etc. have a wonderful communal roosting behavior which helps them safe while they sleep. Many long-distant migrant birds are capable to turn out their wings into their shelter while sleeping.

There are many birds that live in the waterbodies sleep even while being on the water itself. Birds like Mallards have the ability to sleep with one eye being opened.

Birds mainly go in flocks while sleeping, this makes them stay safe and also makes it difficult for the predators to sneak up easily. Most of them love to enjoy deep sleep periods like humans. The sleep duration is very less
tends to be only the movement of the eye.

Whereas for many other birds, sleeping is proportional to the intensity of darkness that prevails. In addition to the above topic if you want to know about BEST PET BIRDS click Journals Blog and for cute pets, you click Journals Blog.

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