HOW TO TAME PARROTS IN MINECRAFT? Parrots mainly spawn in dense forest biomes. They can also be spawned by using the parrot spawn eggs. They are present in different colors like red, green, blue, cyan, or gray. The parrots roam around by flying here and there but eventually, they land upon the ground.

They seem more ease to swim by flapping their wings to avoid drowning rather than walking. The parrots can be
tamed by the players by using seeds of different plants. They can be tamed by making them feed on seeds like wheat seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, beetroot seeds.

The outcome of feeding the parrots with seeds to get them tamed is 1/3rd chance of success. When once they are trained to be tamed, they seem to make different gestures like they will sit down and stand up as and when instructed. A tamed parrot can even be made to sit upon the shoulders of the player.

It can be made to perch on a player’s shoulder, also to fly, and will continue to do so unless asked to sit or stop doing so. Whenever the player wants to get off the parrot from its shoulder, then he/she can follow 2 tricks to get it off. Either one can jump into the water or else can grab a fishing pole.

A tamed parrot can turn out to be the best companion of yours, along it can become a great person to play with. After it is tamed they will be seen taking place upon your shoulder, and you can even have 2 parrots sitting at the same time on your shoulders. After being tamed they can turn out to be your personal mascot too.

So, all you need to do is feed a parrot with simple grass seeds, which can be found in abundance anywhere in the
Minecraft and this is the first step to get your parrot tamed.
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