Hunting Island state park is one of the most prevalent state parks situated in South Carolina, attracting more than a million visitors every year to get enthralled with its vast array of land and marine wildlife.

Enclosing an immense beauty of the nature, it beholds with it 5 miles of beach, a saltwater lagoon, 5000 acres of low country, a historic lighthouse, 167 steps to climb up to the lighthouse, 100 standard campsites, a pier for fishing, a picnic shelter, and yet many more.

The Hunting Island State park is a 5000-acre secluded semitropical barrier island. This park is very famous for its natural environment yet, one of the undeveloped Sea Islands in the Low country. It is one of the well-known natural parks at the USA.

The island also provides recreational locations and tent campers on the northern part of the island. The wildlife includes numerous species that give immense pleasure and refreshes your mind. The wildlife including loggerhead turtles, deer, alligators, raccoons, diamondback rattlesnakes, and hundreds of species of birds.

The island is an abundance of herons and egrets, and also a home to the amazing summertime sightings of the
painted buntings. The lagoon that is situated in the interior of the park has become the breeding ground and also the shelter to many of the breeds of wildlife.

During the hatching period of the loggerhead turtles an organization named as the Friends of Hunting Island has a permit that helps find and protect the nests. The Hunting Island’s 2-mile-long lagoon accompanied with an adjacent washed-out cabin road serves as a popular destination for fishing.

The park also general information to the visitors about the history of the island and different other scenery present in it. The Hunting Island State Park features live animals and exhibits about the habitats of the species present. The state park also features several trails for hiking and biking.

The lighthouse that is present is open to the public around the year. The 4 miles beachfront in the state’s park provides a pristine, naturalistic experience to the visitors.

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HUNTING ISLAND STATE PARK is one of the most prevalent state parks situated in South Carolina, attracting above a million visitors every year
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