A pet is a companion which is opted and preferred to beat up loneliness and to gain peace of mind. A pet is a full pack of entertainment rather than being just an animal that is kept for fun or entertainment purposes. Pets stay loyal to their owner and serve them in many different ways. Many pets are featured or differentiated based upon their action of services and ways of combating situations. While many cannot afford a pet in real, their pets were made virtual and the owners as players acted and played as caring and adopting various pets. Pets are classified based upon many check-points and are then categorised individually. 

In adopt me, the pets are classified as such. They are categorised into five different categories namely: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare, and Legendary. The adopt-me online gaming platform has introduced many role-play games, where-in the pets are involved. The main focus of the games is a role-playing model, which pretends the players to act in different roles like parents adopting a child or children getting adopt and many such roles. There is a numerous list of pets that are classified and are used as the legendary pets in Adopting my games. The main structure and idea of legendary pets were introduced by the Dream craft. The main motive behind introducing this was to make a player live like a pet owner. The original aim of the game development was a role-play wherein the players will be getting a chance to experience by pretending of being a parent or a child. But gradually, the focus varied to pets. eventually, the game turned and players started caring and adopting more and more virtual pets, who in the further period of the game can be traded with other players. The game started by revolving around caring and adapting various kinds of virtual pets. based upon the rarity or availability and also the cost of the pets they are grouped and demanded accordingly upon their features.

Adopt me’s new game development idea was accepted and played numerously as compared to other games. The game revolved around

Some examples of the legendary pets are Albino Monkey, Arctic reindeer, Bat Dragon, Crow, Diamond Dragon, Diamond Dragon, Diamond Griffin, Diamond Unicorn, dodo, dragon, evil unicorn, frost dragon, giraffe, golden dragon, golden gryphon, golden penguin, golden rat, golden unicorn, gryphon, kangaroo, kitsune, king bee, monkey king, ninja monkey, owl, parrot, queen bee, shadow dragon, turtle, tyrannosaurus rex, unicorn.

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