Low grade fever and Covid

Low grade fever and Covid

In this small article, we are going to discuss low grade fever and covid so that people get an understanding of them.
Low-grade fever and coronavirus aren’t a pair to detect the latter. One can be infected with the coronavirus and have a cough or show any other symptoms without even having a fever.

As being a virus, it keeps on mutating in the host’s body. So, it affects differently on different bodies. Covid can infect one all of a sudden without even showing some pre-symptoms. Low-grade fever may or may not be there in many people infected, yet they will be diagnosed with the coronavirus disease.

According to the data collected, not all the infected person did showcase the same factors of infection. As in many got low-grade fever but the same wasn’t seen in others.
Low-grade fever during covid is an atypical symptom of coronavirus disease.

Low grade fever and Covid
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Low grade fever and Covid
Low grade-fever and covid both are different things and we are discussing it here so that people can understand it.
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