The parrots of the world is a pet store located on Sunrise Highway in the Rockville Centre in New York. It’s a store that quenches the thirst for information-starved pet lovers. The specialty of this shop is that there the birds are hand fed from day one whether it be parrots, cockatiels, or any other types of birds.

Any type of queries that drapes anyone’s mind has got a solution here. The pet experts who render help over here are well-trained and do help in choosing the perfect pet companion for you. Apart from being the most exotic
and one of the best stores for pet parrots, the Parrots of the World
the store has a large collection of several other exotic pets.

They have a selection of the most exotic and unusual pets some of them including
ferrets, chinchillas, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, and the list goes on. The
staff indulged in the query concerned part are too knowledgeable
and friendly.

The store is locally owned and functions independently since the 1970s. Marc Morrone- one of the best pet specialists in the world does help the community of the Parrots of the World to educate young viewers about pet ownership.

He gives them every insight required to become a good pet-parent. The store
of the PARROTS OF THE WORLD has with it a various range of
children-friendly pets to match perfectly for being their companion.
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