Been doubting the self I had nurtured years ago. It all started years back when I used to be a girl with dreams and hopes. A girl who was into the life she always wanted to live. But someway in the run of pursuing my dream the world outside didn’t seem to be supportive towards my thoughts.

The alone fight to give a fly to my dreams was too tough, until then when a stranger companion forwarded his hand for friendship. The beginning was very sweet. He used to support – me in ways so that I could pursue my dreams. He used to be with me all the time whenever I faced any difficulties and hurdles. It was all going well, till the real problems started engulfing the boundaries.

When everything was going well, the boy who used to be my best secret keeper, started demanding things from me in order to fulfill his own terms and wish. Things started paving different directions. Once who used to be the best companion now was becoming worse than evil.

My dreams now turned into burdens and useless stuff for the one who was helping me out day in and out to achieve
my dreams. Slowly I was in a trap that I had no clue about. My dreams were now ventilated with harsh demands. I experienced my first outbreak.

I choked to accept the reality. I was being trapped by a man of ill willpower and I never realized this. I started questioning my existence, I doubted my self-worth. I broke my own rules and saw my dreams shattering in front of me. I saw my heart breaking into pieces in front of me.

I was helpless. I couldn’t breathe my own reality. The person shook and broke my world into pieces which I couldn’t even stick to again. He used me for his own purpose, he used to gain his literals and raise his standards above. He used me as a stepping to rise above and kicked me off too down which was even hard for me to restart from.

This is why I am broke. This is why I don’t socialize much. This is why I trust none. This is why I have set boundaries. A part of me left unstitched forever. A person made me spoil my dreams and gave
me wings so that I could fly above and rise again. Yes, I’m broke; but the fire in me still burns with a high flame of hope.

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