Hookahs are water pipes that are used to smoke tobaccos. It is also called Shisha which is designed as a multi-stemmed instrument for heating or vaporizing the tobacco and then inhaling it. The tobacco that is used to make hookah comes in different flavours. They also use cannabis, flavoured tobacco, hashish, opium and various other types of weeds or drugs for inhaling purposes. Before inhaling the tobacco that is present inside the pot like structure in a hookah stand, it passes through a water basin- which is often glass-based. There are various ranges of hookah like apple, mint, cherry, chocolate, coconut, liquorice, cappuccino, watermelon and many more.

There is a great misconception that exists that; people think smoking or inhaling hookah doesn’t have a greater impact on their health. But, inhaling hookah has the same hazard causing properties as cigarettes have. There is a very harmful risk factor related to the smoking or inhalation of hookah which includes the direct exposure of a person’s respiratory tract towards various chemicals which in turn turns out to be very dangerous and causes severe health issues. The misconception of the fact that the chemicals get filtered out while present in the water basin is completely wrong. The chemicals do not get filtered out and are directly inhaled by the smoker or the person who inhales the hookah.

Hookah is also called Narghile, Arghileh, Hubble-Bubble and Goza in different languages. There is a very range of hookahs available. Each one differs in shape, size, style and of course flavours that depends upon the choice of a person. In the past, hookahs were preferred mostly by the royal legacies for use. They used to carve the hookah stand of the water-pipe structure out of various precious metals. Despite using tobacco and drugs in hookah which was a taboo in Indian society, its use increased among the noble authority and gradually became popular among the rest of the common public. 

The origin of hookah has no exact mention in history, yet it is said to have its origin from Persia and India. Hookahs are mainly preferred when people hang out in groups. The craze of this new trend became popular mostly among the youths. Many of the youths fell into the regular practice of inhaling hookah which once started as fun. According to the statistics it has been found that about 1 in every 8 young adults aged between 19-30 years had used this to smoke tobacco during the past years.


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