WHEN DO CATS STOP GROWING? Cats are domestic species considered as small carnivorous mammals. They range various kinds of breeds with very different kinds of life span and lifestyles too. The lifespan of cats, in general, is divided into 5 stages. The stages
are divided on the basis of the number of months after their birth.

The first 6 months after birth, is considered as the kitten phase where the maximum growth takes place. The next 2 years called the junior phase, helps the cat to socialize with the environment and still, the growth continues.

The next 3-6 years is the prime adult phase where the cat is seen to be highly active and the healthiest one. The next 7-10 years phase is considered to be the mature or adult stage wherein the cat gains its weight and develops many or few health issues.

The last or the laziest period in a cat’s life is considered to be the next 11-14 years, where the cat spends most of its time in sleeping with absolutely no or little physical exercise. The question of when does a cat stops growing seems different for different breeds of cat.

While some consider the stage after the kitten stage as a stop to their growth, while it is false for many other breeds. Considering most of the largest breeds in the world, it is seen that their growth stops when they reach 4-5 years after their birth.

Taking an account of the most largest breeds i.e; the Bengal Cats, these cats attain their full maturity period by the age of 4-5 years. Whereas considering the British Shorthair cats, their maturity period stops when they become 7 years
The stop in the growth period in cats is considered as in till when a cat becomes adult and shows no-more growth in their physical appearance. Having a wide variety of breeds among them, the average age after whose attainment a cat stops further growth is estimated to be 6years.

Even though the span may differ from breeds-to-breeds but the attainment of adulthood is considered to be a pause to further growth in the cats. Above we tried to answer the question WHEN DO CATS STOP GROWING? and if you want to know about best pet birds than click Journals Blog.

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