When do covid Symptoms get worse?

When do covid Symptoms get worse?

When do covid Symptoms get worse?
The past cases have been a warning for people taking covid casually. Experts are warning that the mild covid symptoms can intensify to serious, yet possibly life-threatening symptoms if not cared about since the start.

The majority of the public will either show mild or else no symptoms of infections, but the mild situation can get triggered to worse conditions if ignored about the cause.

As of now, even after being recovered from mild symptoms, people are again getting infected by the virus. This disease can cause mild symptoms in someone, and then they recover in a couple of days or a week and do well after that.

In contrast, others showing mild symptoms can be ill at some point prior to or after formal diagnosis, then recover
slightly and get serious eventually after 7-8 days. The infection of the virus in the human body causes inflammation.

The inbuilt immune system in many sometimes overreacts, resulting in activation of more immune cells, causing hyper-inflammation; which can be fatal.
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When do covid Symptoms get worse?
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When do covid Symptoms get worse?
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