WHY SHOULD I WORRY? Life is tough when you think it to be. Be a strong player of the team and prove everyone wrong. There will be times when everything will seem to be falling apart, but the willpower that exists within us provides the strength to face any challenges out there.

Life will throw lemons at you at each step;
but it’s you who has to make either lemonade or eat it raw. Times are there when my own thought process battles with me upon a decision. There are times when something that makes the inner soul happy makes me doubt if the decision I took is wrong or right.

I’ve been the strongest contender in the game of life. But yet some days situations hit so hard that it becomes too difficult to imagine where to head next. One will always find more demotivation rather than motivation in any field one excels at. Life also tests the player who is the best at their abilities.

At the end of the day, I’m the only one who will be waking up to see my goods and bad tomorrow. There will be not a single person who will be battling for my survival. Life exactly wants us to learn the same from these mini moments of the test, but we as learners fail to get the lessons though.

There are moments of anxiety, worry, sadness, and all negativities that drift the mind and disturbs its peace, but deep down the inner voice in me shouts out loud that “not to worry, you’ve been the best, and there’s no reason to get the evil drift upon you.”

Worrying about situations makes us weak, demotivated, distracted from the actual and most important journey of our life. There’s never to worry about things that are immaterial. If those negativities are not controlled before time, then they will start controlling us after time.

Always believe in the super-power, the universe;
if it has sent you problems then there’s no doubt that there won’t be any solution to it. Train your mind to be calm at times when it starts worrying about things that are invalid and our mind hypes those things to be troubled more often. Worrying is not my solution.

Fighting back like a fighter is what makes me strong. Why should I worry when I know am at peace with my mind? Why should I worry when I know I’m healing from the inside? Why should I worry when I know the universe wants to see the best in me?
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