An ideal mind is a house of evil. The mind is the most powerful asset of the human body. The man who has controlled his mind has conquered the world. When a person whose thoughts are depraved into an unhealthy environment. A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste. Being idle and indulging in no work is what paves the path for evil ideals to come and make their home inside our brain. A mind that has been exploited is a mind that has been destroyed.

As like a coin has two faces, having a dirty mind implies two significant cases. A dirty wit either blooms up the deepest and darkest imagination of a person or just plays the role of a thief in getting you destroyed in seconds. Dirty Mind isn’t anything inherited. It is possessed and inculcated by one’s own virtue and wishes. The greatest poets of ancient times were a deadly combination of having the deadliest and dirtiest thoughts with super powerful words. The dirty, playful thoughts grooved round their brains, tickling each nerve to illuminate and spark out the best thoughts. It is this for which the poets are considered the greatest conquerors of the world, just by holding their pen.

It is rightly said that “A dirty mind cannot be cleaned out; it can only be exploited.” The thoughts that ponder after one hit’s the ugliest part of the world has two outcomes from it; either one becomes the greatest of all the times or else gets destroyed for the rest of his lifetime. Just like the unexpected outcomes of the flip of a coin, a dirty mind’s homage within your brain is as such.

A good sense of humour, a dirty mind and a caring soul is the deadliest amalgamation of the finest qualities one will ever find. The dirty mind craves the best or heaps the worst. The vision of perceiving or accepting others point of view about your state of mind is just worthless. The amount of dirty, wit you hold in your possession. The one who says that you have a dirty mind is the one who has it. Being dirty is way same as being naughty and playful. A dirty mind gives the most wonderful outcomes may it be in inventing the best or manipulating the things; the one who possesses it is the one who has the potential of divulging visions.

Either you pave your path to light with your dirty wit, or you pave your way to hell for what your dirty mind thinks.


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